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Whether you need to fly to Mumbai on business or visit the Andaman Islands for a tropical island holiday, Goair flights can get you there whenever you need to fly. Major destinations on their route network include big cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, three airports in Jammu and Kashmir and more out of the way destinations like Bagdogra and Guwahati in Assam. It's an airline that serves the whole of India, so wherever you plan to travel, check the Goair schedules.

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When you fly with the airline, you can expect more than a comprehensive route network. Customers with the company also enjoy:
  • Low cost fares all over the country
  • Beach holiday packages
  • Business packages thanks to the GoBusiness program
  • Online check-in
Goair flights cater for all types of traveller, from families to backpackers. If you want to take your partner to a tropical beach resort, you can easily do so. Meanwhile, GoBusiness is ideal for executive fliers, providing extra leg room, chauffeur transfers, a generous business baggage allowance and lounges with complimentary food and drink. Everyone can use the firm's Holidays service as well, which offers tailored packages for sun seekers, pilgrims, wildlife lovers and hill walkers. It's a great way to discover everything India has to offer.

International travellers could also take Goair flights to connect with their destination after their flights to India touch down in the country's major cities. Whether you need to arrange a smooth business transfer or transport your extended family to a holiday destination as easily as possible, Goair provide the flights and the level of service you require,, so check out what they have to offer and book cheap flights today.

GoAir Fleet: 18 aircraft + 1 On Order

GoAir Fleet Details:

Aircraft Type Aircraft Aircraft Number
Airbus A320 Airbus A320-200 18

GoAir in-flight services and entertainment:

GoAir baggage (allowance, excess fees) :

Hub : GoAir operate mainly from Mumbai - Chhaprati Shivaji airport (BOM).

Mumbai - Chhatrapati Shivaji International (BOM / VABB)

Founded date : 06-2004

Operations Started : 04-11-2005

Fleet Age (years) : 3

Main Routes



Trip dates

Flights Delhi - Mumbai Rs.4788 14 to 17 April
Flights Mumbai - Delhi Rs.2172 01 September
Flights Srinagar - Delhi Rs.3126 23 March
Flights Delhi - Srinagar Rs.2657 28 March
Flights Mumbai - Bangalore Rs.2066 04 June
Flights Mumbai - Goa Rs.1966 12 April
Flights Goa - Mumbai Rs.1608 15 April
Flights Bangalore - Mumbai Rs.4018 08 to 13 March
Flights Bangalore - Delhi Rs.5561 12 to 22 August
Flights Delhi - Bangalore Rs.5560 06 July to 05 August

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Airport codes


Trip dates

Flights Pune Delhi PNQ - DEL Rs.6977 24 February
Flights Jammu Srinagar IXJ - SXR Rs.6169 25 February
Flights Bangalore Goa BLR - GOI Rs.5534 24 February
Flights Chennai Bagdogra MAA - IXB Rs.5041 04 March
Flights Mumbai Lucknow BOM - LKO Rs.6922 02 March
Flights Hyderabad Guwahati HYD - GAU Rs.4486 01 March
Flights Hyderabad Kolkata HYD - CCU Rs.5571 02 to 07 April
Flights Kolkata Hyderabad CCU - HYD Rs.6913 10 to 14 March
Flights Pune Nagpur PNQ - NAG Rs.3959 04 March
Flights Pune Bangalore PNQ - BLR Rs.2031 25 March
Flights Kolkata Patna CCU - PAT Rs.1748 23 March
Flights Mumbai Lucknow BOM - LKO Rs.6922 24 February
Flights Hyderabad Goa HYD - GOI Rs.2369 06 April
Flights Pune Bangalore PNQ - BLR Rs.6355 02 to 09 March
Flights Bagdogra Delhi IXB - DEL Rs.3797 31 March

Based on latest flight's searches. Last update: 23/02/2017

GoAir (G8/GOW)

India's fifth largest airline by passengers flown, Goair can take you almost anywhere in the country and tends to offer very affordable fares. The company was founded by Jehangir Wadia in Mumbai in 2005. Since then, it has grown rapidly, commencing flights to destinations in northern and southern India along with its eastern core. These days, the airline flies into 22 airports around the country, running 140 daily flights, and is one of India's leading aviation companies.