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This Indian airline is based in Gurgaon and has located its hub at Indira Gandhi Airport in the capital Delhi. From here, it has quickly expanded, offering flights from cities like Ahmedabad, Srinagar, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata and Lucknow. While its expansion has been rapid, there are also ambitious plans to add still more airports and to claim a greater share of India's domestic aviation market than the two percent that it has currently achieved. The main strengths of the airline's services are:

  • Premium Economy services with extra room and additional services
  • Entertainment beamed straight to passengers' phones and tablets
  • A choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals

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Another feature of the airline's services is Club Vistara, its frequent flier program. If you sign up with the Club, you can them build up your points account. Instead of adding points the more distance you travel, points are added based on how much you spend on Vistara flights, an innovative way of approaching an airline loyalty scheme. These points can be used on Vistara flights but can also be redeemed on Singapore Airlines routes, which could make vacations in southeast Asia much cheaper.

If you are looking for flights to India, you can use a mixture of Singapore Airlines and Vistara connections and make big savings. But it's also the ideal company to choose if you regularly fly within India and want a Premium Economy service that lets you stretch out and relax. There are also regular deals for frequent fliers and discounts from the airline's partners, which will help to cut the cost of flying still further.

Vistara Fleet: 9 aircraft

Vistara Fleet Details:

Aircraft Type Aircraft Aircraft Number
Airbus A320 Airbus A320-200 9

Vistara in-flight services and entertainment:

Vistara baggage (allowance, excess fees) :

Full Name : TATA SIA Airlines Ltd.

Founded date : 2014

Operations Started : 09-01-2015

Fleet Age (years) : 1

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Airport codes


Trip dates

Flights Hyderabad Delhi HYD - DEL Rs.5574 21 to 21 June
Flights Delhi Mumbai DEL - BOM Rs.7046 11 to 19 April
Flights Amritsar Mumbai ATQ - BOM Rs.7061 22 September to 06 October
Flights Amritsar Mumbai ATQ - BOM Rs.8016 11 to 20 April
Flights Delhi Bhubaneswar DEL - BBI Rs.5993 16 to 23 May
Flights Hyderabad Delhi HYD - DEL Rs.7689 12 to 12 May
Flights Guwahati Pune GAU - PNQ Rs.5054 12 April
Flights Bangalore Srinagar BLR - SXR Rs.13642 15 to 22 April
Flights Bangalore Srinagar BLR - SXR Rs.7687 28 April
Flights Pune Chandigarh PNQ - IXC Rs.9105 04 to 09 May
Flights Bangalore Delhi BLR - DEL Rs.4109 19 April
Flights Ahmedabad Srinagar AMD - SXR Rs.10227 24 April to 08 May
Flights Delhi Bhubaneswar DEL - BBI Rs.3035 10 May
Flights Delhi Goa DEL - GOI Rs.8287 30 April to 05 May
Flights Kolkata Kilimanjaro CCU - JRO Rs.57971 03 to 10 November

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Vistara (UK/VTI)

Founded in 2015, Vistara is a relatively new name on the aviation scene in India, but it has some heavyweight backing. The brainchild of Singapore Airlines and the Tata Group, the airline is intended to offer a premium service at affordable prices. By early 2016, the airline had already carried its two millionth passenger and was flying to 18 destinations all over India. Agreements had also been struck with international companies like Air France and KLM, making Vistara flights a great way to connect with international flights if you are travelling from Indian cities.